GOP stepping up their online game

Saturday, December 8, 2012 | Emily Schultheis |
Republican digital gurus are starting to chart a path forward for 2014 and beyond after conceding that they were badly outgunned by Barack Obama’s campaign in cyberspace this past November.

About 50 top Republicans, both staffers for the Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee as well as outside GOP digital consultants, huddled in Washington Thursday morning to rehash what Mitt Romney did wrong, digitally speaking.

They also discussed next steps for their party in strengthening and standardizing its digital operation.

The group, led by Romney campaign digital director Zac Moffatt, RNC digital director Tyler Brown and RNC Chief of Staff Jeff Larson, included about a third RNC and Romney campaign staffers and two-thirds outside GOP operatives and representatives from companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

GOP digital strategists, both inside and outside the Romney campaign, said the biggest challenge for the party will be in centralizing and standardizing its databases to hand off to future Republican candidates.

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