3 Ways to Make Mobile and TV Work Better Together

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For years, marketers have heard about the end of TV’s modern golden era and its impact on advertising. It’s time to separate rumor from fact.

Marketers continue to rely on TV as one of the best ways to reach consumers broadly for their products and services. Nielsen says there are currently 119 million TV homes in the U.S., up a million from the previous year, and a record 500 TV shows were scripted in 2017.

But while TV continues to be powerful, attention on other screens has grown quickly and new entertainment platforms continue to fragment audiences. According to eMarketer, the average U.S. adult today spends 215 minutes per day with mobile, while TV accounts for 230 minutes of viewing time, and mobile viewing time will top TV in 2019.

While these shifts make a marketer’s job more challenging than ever, they also create opportunities to create greater impact by leveraging mobile and TV together. Here’s how:

1. Use the right media mix to reinforce messaging with hard-to-reach audiences
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