4 Ways Direct Mail Can Help Your Campaign Get Out the Vote

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It’s no secret that campaigns are focused on getting their voters to the polls this November. As National Lead for U.S. Postal Service® Political Mail Outreach efforts, I spent the last few months traveling across the country speaking with campaign leaders about their get-out-the-vote efforts.

Below, I’ve outlined a few ways in which political mail can play a critical role in getting out the vote.

1. Start Your GOTV Mail Campaign Early

You may have already started your GOTV effort. That’s great because starting early is always better. This is especially important for early voting and vote-by-mail states. Political mail plays a critical role in helping voters decide how to vote, as reinforced in our recent survey in the state of Virginia – and this includes Millennial voters. Fifty-five percent of younger voters said they found mail helpful in making their voting decision.

2. Create Mail That is Memorable
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