5 Key Ways Social Media Influences Digital Advertising

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Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal in the spring, there’s been a marked upsurge in interest from businesses and individuals for more control over what happens to their information online.

Perhaps inevitably, the bulk of the concern is over social media platforms and how advertisers and influencers are manipulating the hearts and minds of users, from innocent grandmothers sharing pictures of their grandkids to naive college students debating whether or not a taco is a sandwich.

Despite all of this, social media is still a hugely influential outlet for advertisers and the companies they represent. A recent survey performed by Reveal Mobile found that social media was by far the most favored platform for small- to medium-sized companies’ holiday advertising budgets, with 36.4 percent of respondents stating that the majority of their spend will go in this direction. For comparison, email marketing was second, with 15.2 percent choosing the strategy.

Social Media and Digital Advertising

Social media has been a favorite tool for advertisers for years now, partially because it was one of the few truly effective ways to reach people on their mobile devices, but also because of the sheer power of these platforms.

Social media speaks to an audience in a way that traditional media hasn’t, and it’s that very level of intimacy that has drawn so many to these networking sites. It’s possible that without the rise of social media, digital advertising may have languished and died.
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