5 Things Every Campaign Should Know About Direct Mail Last Cycle

5 Things Every Campaign Should Know About Direct Mail Last Cycle
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Over the past few months, I attended both the Campaigns and Elections’ Reed Awards™ and the American Association of Political Consultants’ Pollie Awards™. At these two annual conferences, I spoke with numerous people, both informally and through a listening session, about what happened during the 2016 election cycle.

A recurring theme: the 2016 election cycle was unlike any other in modern campaign history, breaking rules left and right and turning conventional campaign wisdom on its head.

What didn’t change, however, is the value of mail. It was an integral part of the media mix for campaigns at the federal, state, and local levels.

As I look back, here are the five main takeaways that all campaigns should incorporate in their planning for the next cycle:

1. Targeted media reigns and is here to stay. In this digital age, the ability to reach a specific voter audience that might already have an interest in your candidate, campaign or issue rather than just blanketing your message to an unknown broad swath of voters allows you to be smarter and more adaptable in your spending.
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