Advertisers unfazed by latest Facebook bombshell

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Facebook advertisers are once again turning a blind-eye to the issues plaguing the social media giant after a New York Times report detailed a pattern of willful stonewalling, delaying and obfuscating around a series of urgent problems.

But brands and ad agencies should be more critical than they are, say some industry executives, who have been watching Facebook unravel over the past year, with data mishaps, a high-profile hack and struggles with bad actors gaming the platform.

"It's kind of amazing that no one cares at all," a managing partner at a major advertising agency tells Ad Age. "All these companies are talking about purpose, and higher alignments for their brands, and not a single client has raised a red flag about any of this at Facebook."

All year, the advertising community has publicly called for a reckoning in digital advertising, with brands like Procter & Gamble demanding more from the platforms around transparency and trust. Yet, as Facebook has become the outward face of the industry's most intractable problems, and continues to disappoint with its responses, few brands are changing their spending.

"No one has yet heard of a client pausing or even easing off the gas," says a second agency executive.
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