Bernie Sanders Tries to Steal Away Part of Trump’s Base

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As the Democratic Party continues to hone their economic message, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is making the case that his liberal populist policies can motivate the Democratic base, and bring working class whites back to the party. 

Last week, Sanders went on tour to simultaneously unite the liberal left and pick away at Trump’s base. Sanders recently visited Detroit, Michigan, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Portsmouth, Ohio.Sander’s looks to sell his platform to Trump’s baseAfter the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton was heavily criticized for not having a strong enough economic message that resonated with working class Americans – many of whom voted for Trump. In the latest video released by Sanders, it’s clear that he is pitching his progressive platform to Trump voters. 

The Democrats are targeting Trump voters who voted for the President because of his economic populist message but may be disenchanted by overblown promises the President made during his campaign, but are not being kept. 

The video starts with Steel Union Organizer Chuck Jones speaking at a Sanders rally, “Senator Sanders has been consistent with working people, and he believes what he says.” The ad moves to T.J. Bray, a Carrier worker, who speaks about holding Trump accountable for his promise to save manufacturing jobs, “I hope he hears me again today, when I say we are still holding him accountable.” 
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