Blockchain, Digital Advertising, and the Great Escape

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Blockchain in media and entertainment potentially changes the nature of digital advertising, but how can blockchain be applied to digital advertising, media, and entertainment?

First, let’s debunk a common myth about marketing and advertising: that they’re the same. Advertising distinguishes itself from marketing in significant ways. Marketing comprises the overall strategy constructed of the many components a company uses to get its product into the customer’s hands. 

And advertising defines a specific component of that strategy to communicate the company message to a potential customer. Advertising presumes the company must first locate potential customers to communicate to, and digital advertising lives in the online world.

Look Over Your Shoulder

Consequently, digital advertising relies heavily on stalking online users. Effective advertising targets the people most likely to buy the product. Therefore, advertisers collect user data to determine where to most effectively deploy their resources. Advertisers gather as much personal data as possible and store this data in a centralized manner.
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