Calculating Your Calculated Risks

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Investment in new product development is the single strongest predictor of a company’s future value. It’s for this reason that successful companies invest in R&D and build a culture based on calculated risks.

Most advertisers recognize the value of risk in their business. They know that without risks, growth slows, people become complacent and customers can become bored or dismissive. To reach new markets, people and possibilities, seasoned buyers regularly set aside test budgets for experimentation.

And given the complexity of the Lumascape diagrams, there is no shortage of ad tech companies clamoring for that experimentation. It’s no wonder the common refrain heard in this big-data era is, “I don’t need more data – I need to know what to do with the data I already have.

”Being able to take on risk and the budget and time required is even more onerous for small and mid-tier companies, even though they are the ones who might benefit the most.

What if the data you already collect informed your decisions before you buy instead of getting reporting after the fact?
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