Dem Firms Partner On New Approach to Political Ad Buying

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A new partnership between Talbot Digital and Screen Strategies Media is helping further blur the line between types of ad buying.

That line is what had led to a long-running feud between digital and traditional media consultants over commissions.

As online marketing became a larger share of campaign budgets, traditional media consultants started bringing digital in-house to cut out their rivals. Now, Chris Talbot’s self-titled firm is offering digital consultants their own way forward: give clients the ability to synchronize their TV and online ad buys.

“I honestly think there’s not a lot of history with a combined media planning approach,” Talbot told C&E. “A lot of folks, unfortunately, will take a TV spot that’s going up in traditional media and shoot that over to the digital team, and there’s really nothing more to it than that.

Campaigns are lucky if there’s even a conversation about the TV schedule and what’s going on with digital; looking at how many points are touching your audience and how digital can amplify that message, or figuring out how digital can make up the difference.
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