Dems See Georgia Election as Chance Turn GOP Tide

Dems See Georgia Election as Chance Turn GOP Tide
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After Republican Ron Estes managed a seven-point victory Tuesday in a Kansas congressional district that Donald Trump won by 27 points, the president took to Twitter to tout a "great win."

Trump, whose robo-calls on behalf of Estes were part of a last-ditch effort by the GOP cavalry to save the seat vacated by new CIA Director Mike Pompeo, praised the Republican for "easily winning the Congressional race against the Dems, who spent heavily & predicted victory!"

Yet, the tweet wasn't quite accurate. Democrats did not spend much on that race, mostly because they didn't anticipate winning there. Perhaps the president was thinking of next week's special election in the 6th District of Georgia, where the Democratic candidate has become the vehicle for the first big test of the Trump opposition.

Thirty-year-old former congressional-staffer-turned-documentary-filmmaker Jon Ossoff has raised a whopping $8.3 million in his bid to become the Democratic representative of the district, which encompasses the wealthy, highly educated, Republican suburbs of Atlanta. Nearly 95 percent of those donations have come from out of state, according to reports analyzing Ossoff’s campaign filings. Official and activist Democratic groups see this open seat, formerly held by Trump's new Health and Human Services secretary, Tom Price, as their chance to turn enthusiasm stirred up since the inauguration into electoral action.

The amount of money and resources poured into this race, and the competitiveness of the district, could also prove to be a recruiting tool for the Democratic Party, which is looking for candidates to run for Congress in 2018.
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