Do You Have a Visual Strategy for Your Digital Advertising?

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Visual formats have transformed the internet. They’ve become the canvas for telling stories and influencing consumers. But, as GumGum’s new ebook “Seen and Unseen: How Marketers Use Computer Vision” notes, with images populating every corner of the digital landscape, it can be tougher than ever to stand out. The solution: turn to computer vision technology to process and understand visual information and see things more clearly. 

Check out the complete ebook “Seen and Unseen: How Marketers Use Computer Vision.”

The truth is, when it comes to visual strategy, many marketers are still in the dark. But the guide provides examples of how forward-thinking brands are approaching visual marketing:

• Goodyear placed its logo on the uniforms of Cleveland Cavaliers players and then used computer vision tools to determine how long—and how prominently—it appeared during game broadcasts.

• Coca-Cola’s Gold Peak brand identified people who posted social media images that featured glasses of iced tea, then served them ads on 40 apps and mobile sites after they left Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
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