Don't Always Lead With Facts, Communications Pros Warn Candidates

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A new breed of client will be on many consultants’ rosters this cycle as a bevy of candidates are emerging from the scientific community.

Now, office seekers with a background in the sciences aren’t unique to the current environment. But increasingly there are public pleas, and a groundswell of support, for candidates with that profile to run.

The momentum stems from what some on the left perceive as the Trump administration’s rejection of scientific data on everything from the budget to federal land management. And a new leaked U.S. government report on the current state of climate science could provide added motivation.  

To be sure, these scientists-turned-candidates will be tempted to combat their opponents with data, policy proposals and, undoubtedly, facts. But that would be the wrong approach, a group of communications consultants from both sides of the aisle warned. 

“If you lead with the facts, you’re going to have trouble breaking through,” said Josh Nanberg, a Democratic communications consultant. 
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