Everything Old Is New Again, As MGM Finds Data-Driven Ways To Monetize Its Classics

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MGM Networks is expanding to OTT platforms and expects data-driven TV advertising to revitalize the studio’s library of films and TV shows.Last year, MGM Networks launched an OTT app for the Comet sci-fi channel and saw 120,000 downloads despite minimal promotional spend, said senior VP Todd Parkin. The company plans to launch OTT apps for Light TV, a faith-based channel, and the action channel Charge, which can already be streamed online.

Broadcast distribution deals with Fox and, primarily, Sinclair – which owns the Comet and Charge channels operated by MGM – are the main source of revenue for the studio’s television business. But even the limited OTT data feedback has improved its ad offering, Parkin said.

Capturing OTT audience data “allows us to make some reasonable assumptions” about who watches its programs, refining the network’s pitch to advertisers, he said. OTT campaigns can also include data-driven services like matching to store credit card purchases.

OTT data reinforces MGM Network’s linear revenue stream.
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