Facebook e-mails reveal Zuckerberg deliberations on user data

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Facebook is being accused by U.K. lawmakers of offering access to its users and their data based on the amount of money a prospective partner would spend, following the latest document dump painting its leadership team in a potentially unflattering light.

On Wednesday, British lawmaker Damian Collins published a trove of Facebook's internal emails, including correspondence from CEO Mark Zuckerberg, related to how the social network gives access to developers.

The newly released e-mails give an unprecedented look into Zuckerberg's personal feelings about how the company would make some of its most crucial business decisions between 2012 and 2016 regarding allowing outside companies to build on top of its platform.

"We're trying to enable people to share everything they want and to do it on Facebook," Zuckerberg wrote to colleagues in 2012 as Facebook was working on the third-generation of its developer platform. "Sometimes the best way to enable people to share something is to have a developer build a special purpose app or network for that type of content and to make that app social by having Facebook plug into it."

"However, that may be good for the world," Zuckerberg added," but it's not good for us unless people also share back to Facebook and that content increases the value of our social network."
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