Facebook is getting aggressive in its quest to turn Instagram Stories into the next big ad platform

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Facebook wants to turn Instagram Stories into the next big ad platform, and is trying to get brands of all sizes embrace it.

The company today unveiled a number of updates that make it easier for brands and businesses of all sizes to advertise on the platform, including a new uploading tool that lets marketers who already produce Instagram Stories to repurpose them as paid ads.

Businesses can now also use Facebook's Canvas ad format on Instagram Stories as well as well, allowing them to more easily run the same ads across Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network.

Instagram Stories has been growing at a rapid clip in the little over a year that it's been around for, with over 250 million daily active users and more than 50% of businesses on Instagram creating stories in the past month, according to the company. These tools are designed to help brands reach newer audiences with existing content.

Brands now also have the option to automatically add Instagram Stories to their Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network campaigns. With this, Facebook's goal seems to be to make Instagram Stories an important part of a marketers' media mix on the platform.
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