Facebook is putting ads everywhere in hopes of finding the next News Feed

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Facebook has a cash cow. It’s called News Feed, and for the past five years, it has been the company’s core money maker and source of revenue growth.

But there is a problem looming: Facebook has been saying for the past year that it is running out of places to put ads in News Feed. The company has determined that it can’t put more ads into users’ feeds without harming their experience. The industry term for this is ratio of ads to other content is called “ad load,” and Facebook says News Feed’s ad load is all maxed out.

Facebook says its revenue growth will slow down “meaningfully” this year as a result.

This doesn’t mean Facebook’s business won’t continue to grow. It added 76 million new users last quarter. That’s a lot of fresh eyeballs. But at 2 billion total users, Facebook can’t keep that pace forever, especially because 731 million of the world’s remaining 1.5 billion internet users who are noton Facebook are in China, where Facebook is blocked.

So if Facebook can’t show people more ads in News Feed, and can’t get unblocked in China, it needs to show them ads somewhere else. And that explains why, in the past six months, we’ve seen Facebook start to put ads in a lot more places.
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