Getting Advertisers To Think Differently About Aging

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Do you ever feel that advertisers and marketers don’t understand, or really speak to, people over 50? That they’re missing what 21st century aging is all about? Then you’ll be interested to see what advertising executive Nadia Tuma-Weldon says. She’s the senior vice president and director of McCann Truth Central — a division of the advertising behemoth McCann Worldgroup — and author of its fascinating recent report, Truth About Age.

For this global study, McCann Truth Central surveyed 24,000 people in 28 markets around the world, from to Australia to the United States. “Marketers need to completely rethink the playbook with regard to the way they approach age across the spectrum,” the report said. One reason why: When the researchers asked respondents how old they felt on a scale from 1 (“not old at all”) to 10 (“I feel very old”), the average for people in every decade from 30s to 70s said: 5.

Tuma-Weldon believes advertisers need to think differently about aging and about people over 50. Here are highlights from my interview with her:

Next Avenue: Tell me about Truth About Age. How did it come about and why?

Nadia Tuma-Weldon: Our unit’s approach is to create original research around macro-cultural trends and truths affecting people’s lives. We’d been getting a lot of requests from clients to do an aging study. From the beginning, my vision for the study was that everybody is aging all the time and we should understand what aging means to a 25-year-old, to a 45-year-old and to an 80-year old.
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