How Advertisers Are Using Twitch To Reach People Who Hate Ads

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If Amazon-owned Twitch reaches its goal this year of – according to Bloomberg – doubling its ad sales revenue to $1 billion, it has quite a lot to offer but a lot it must still do.

On the plus side, Twitch, the popular video streaming platform that boasts more than 15 million daily active users, has an audience of gamers: the advertiser’s unicorn.

Research from the IAB Tech Lab found that US men 18-34 were the most likely demographic to use ad blockers. This was largely attributed to young men in tech and gaming communities.

Millennial gamers know how to avoid ads, which is why many agencies are choosing to buy inventory on Twitch. The most popular Twitch influencer, Ninja, has almost 11.8 million followers.

“We attribute our success to being hyperfocused on community, not competitors, and will continue to scale our ad business in a manner that most benefits our creators,” Andrea Garabedian, VP of advertiser marketing at Twitch, told AdExchanger in an email.
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