How Good Storytelling Can Propel Underdog Campaigns

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Studies have shown that our brains are generally more receptive to marketing messages delivered as narratives than "lists of facts."

For consultants, many of whom consider themselves storytellers at heart, sharing a candidate’s story is the campaign’s central purpose. Still, nothing gets in the way of telling a good story like money — or a candidate inclined to give speeches that sound like lists of facts. 

A small budget can prevent you from effectively getting your story out through paid media. Moreover, facing an opponent with an oversized warchest can make it harder for your side to get heard through the noise. But earned media still has an equalizing power in campaigns. 

Journalists remain drawn to good stories and, if done strategically, earned media can help an underdog candidate with a great story to tell beat big money rivals. 

That’s the lesson we learned leading Dan Crenshaw’s congressional primary campaign in Texas. 
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