Is Facebook Video the Next Big Thing in Political Advertising?

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Any political consultant knows that’s a rhetorical question. Facebook videos are already racing to the top of political “ad buys” – thanks to Facebook’s massive audience and the fact that users collectively watch 100 million hours of video on Facebook per day. And that number is only expected to rise. 

This Mother’s Day greeting from Democratic candidate for California Governor Antonio Villaraigosa is just the most recent example of how serious campaigns must now generate a nearly endless stream of video content to populate their Facebook channel. 

Villaraigosa, the former Speaker of the California State Assembly and Mayor of Los Angeles, tells the story of how his mother inspired a passion for justice even while standing up to domestic abuse. 

The most recent data shows that over 79 percent of American voters use Facebook and an astonishing 75 percent browse their Facebook feeds every day. That’s why more than a year before the first ballot will be cast in the race for California Governor, an election of sorts is already underway – which candidate can generate the most Facebook views. 

Villaraigosa tells a powerful personal story about his mother and his life in this video. But where he chooses to tell it first, Facebook, tells its own story about where campaigns must now find their audience.
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