Measuring Digital Success Beyond the Click

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With the abundance of advertising and targeting options now available to campaigns, how do you determine whether your ad efforts are on the right track over the course of a campaign? That was one of the questions a panel of political media strategists tackled during a session at C&E’s CampaignExpo Conference last week.

One area of universal agreement: fully integrated media campaigns should now be the norm across the industry. While that’s far from a new concept, it’s a signal the food fight between traditional and digital media has diminished somewhat—something strategists generally agreed will continue to play out through the 2018 cycle.

“People are inherently less connected to one single mode of communication,” said Raghu Devaguptapu, partner at the Democratic media firm Left Hook. And while he argued broadcast remains “far and away the most powerful way to reach the electorate,” Devaguptapu said it’s abundantly clear “it just can’t be done by itself anymore.”   

So what should be front of mind when measuring the impact of your integrated media efforts this cycle? Here are three takeaways from Thursday’s discussion.  

Hone In On Persuasion

Among the more difficult tasks on the digital side of the equation: gauging persuasion. Given the abundance of what’s measureable with online campaigns, Democratic digital strategist Laura Packard said this is where a campaign’s focus should ultimately be. Knowing whether a target clicked is one thing, but in today’s digital ecosystem, the click alone is of limited value.  
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