Politicians Turn To Ad-Supported OTT For Better Targeting, Brand Safety And Bigness

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As the 2018 midterm elections move into the home stretch, candidates in the many hotly contested Congressional and statehouse races are doing their best to get their messages in front of potential voters. They’re looking achieve a variety of goals, from convincing people to vote for them, to reminding them to show up at the polls. (In 2016, over 40% of eligible voters didn't bother to show up.)The wave of activity around elections has traditionally been a boon for the media industry, and midterm election years, where the focus is on local races, are particularly lucrative for local media—newspapers, radio stations and local broadcast.  But this year there’s been a new player added to the mix and its presence is likely to get much bigger: ad-supported OTT.

According to a recent study from Telaria, there’s been a 200% growth in political advertising on OTT this year compared to 2016.

The actual breakdown is pretty eyeopening: in 2016, the political ad spending breakdown was: 80% display, 19% mobile and 1% CTV.

In 2018, those numbers had flipped to 60% display, 10% mobile and 30% CTV.  That’s a massive shift and It promises to only get bigger.
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