Push Your Organization to Achieve Real Customer-Centricity

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In the past, marketers drove results through discrete campaigns and programs, with distinct lines between traditional and digital, social and web, awareness and conversion. That type of fragmentation doesn’t work anymore; it has caused marketers to lose control of the outcomes. This is especially evident now as we saw marketing budgets falling for the first time in 2017-18 after years of steady increases.

In order to get into a position to drive customer-centricity and cohesive customer experiences, accelerate innovation and deliver business growth, marketers need to take back control.

Control your data

It’s no secret that data is the lifeblood of marketing. It allows marketers to target audiences, hone tactics, engage audiences across channels, optimize results and manage experiences. It’s about customers, their behaviors and relationship history across marketing, sales and service that we get through first-, second- and third-party sources.

And that data is outside most marketers’ control because it’s fragmented. A data management platform (DMP) here, a customer data platform (CDP) there, some data in one or more customer relationship management (CRM) systems, multiple online analytics solutions, separate data insights groups, and a myriad of multi-channel marketing agencies that keep the data they use in campaign execution under lock and key.

Tips for taking control:
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