Record Digital Spending Has Consultants Bracing For Content Crunch

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A record amount of money is pouring into digital advertising leaving practitioners with some big questions to answer before November.

Most digital consultants operating below the presidential level have been used to doing more with less as they’ve fought for a modest share of the spend. Now, their budgets are growing at the same time that the number of channels requiring tailored content is proliferating. 

Determining channel allocation for campaign content isn’t the only potential headache. Another challenge, practitioners say, is having the ability to produce content to match them. 

“Grappling with [channel] choice is not the problem,” said Casey Phillips, a GOP media consultant. “Producing the sheer amount of content a modern campaign needs to take advantage of new delivery and targeting tools is the challenge.”For instance, 6-second ads are increasingly popular for hitting voters on mobile, or in-stream. But on mobile, the viewer is assumed to be watching on mute, whereas in-stream he or she could have the sound on. Creatively the ad either has to work in both mediums, or campaigns need two different pieces of content.
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