Snackable Ads Giving Some Media Consultants Heartburn

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The “snackable” era of advertising is challenging political media consultants who are used to crafting campaign messages for more traditional 30-second spots.  

As attention spans shorten, the 6-second ad digital ad is fast becoming a marketing standard. Google’s YouTube has been holding a contest to promote the format and, more recently, Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg told investors that the length was ideal — at least when it came to selling orange juice.

Now, television is also getting in on the act with Fox debuting its first ever 6-second ad slots during the Teen Choice Awards Aug. 13.

It was a targeted testing ground. Corporate marketers consider six seconds a great format for reaching “a younger demographic.”

Some campaign media consultants are less enthused, not just because that isn’t the typical profile of a midterm voter. That’s in part because of concerns over the constrictions it places on storytelling, according to Casey Phillips, a media consultant with a GOP client roster.
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