Study: Advertising influences millennials the most

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Millennials — more than any other generation — are “impulse buyers.”

Not only are millennials more likely to make purchases after seeing or hearing advertisements compared to older generations, about 81% of millennials surveyed made a purchase after seeing or hearing an advertisement in the last 30 days, according to the “2017 Advertising Survey” from B2B ratings and reviews firm, Clutch.

Despite millennials’ higher tendency for “impulse buying” when it comes to new products and brands, Baby Boomers and other generations over age 55, are less influenced by advertising. Only 57% made a purchase as a result of an advertisement — regardless of the medium.

About 54% of Baby Boomers trust TV and print advertising, and just 27% trust online and social media advertising. However, 64% of millennials trust TV and print advertising, and 51% trust online and social media advertising. Millennials higher trust level stems from having more resources available to discover if a brand’s message is misleading, the study said.

Overall, consumers view traditional advertising mediums — TV, print, and radio — as the most trustworthy, while they view online and social media advertising more skeptically, the report said.
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