Technology to power advertising's future

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Consider this: You are at a beach party and desperately need a refill of your drink before your favourite disk jockey arrives. The container that has your drink has a device fitted at the bottom that allows you to alert the bartender some distance away. He notes down your request visible on his desktop at the bar counter and proceeds to prepare your drink. The desktop software that has taken your request also has a global positioning system that allows the bartender to locate precisely where you are on the beach. You have your drink in the nick of time.

This is not a scene from a science fiction film, but an on-ground initiative recently undertaken by liquor brand Malibu Rum for its consumers at a beach-side resort.

The agency that executed the campaign — London-based SharpEnd — says that the future of advertising and media will increasingly be about how brands engage with connected devices, given the convergence around.

"The role of brands is shifting," said Cameron Worth, SharpEnd's founder, an agency dedicated to helping brands navigate the Internet of Things (IoT). Worth was speaking on the second day of the Goafest, the annual advertising, marketing and media festival, which is currently on in the western Indian state.

IoT is the network of physical devices embedded with electronics that allows them to connect and exchange data.
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