The Conversation You Need To Have With Your Campaign Manager

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Hiring a manager is one of the most important decisions candidates make. It can make the difference between a successful campaign and one that languishes. When considering a prospective manager, many candidates focus on technical qualifications or professional reputation. But by doing this, they’re missing a key element of a successful candidate-manager relationship.

We’ve frequently worked with candidates who are frustrated that their managers are “too demanding” or “not proactive enough,” when, in fact, their managers don’t clearly understand their candidate’s expectations. This disconnect doesn’t just lead to personal frustration but can  extend to budgeting and scheduling mistakes, embarrassing messaging missteps, and bogged-down processes that will affect your campaign’s overall operation.

The most frustrating aspect of this phenomenon is that it’s completely avoidable. There are many different models for a successful relationship between a candidate, a manager and a consulting team. But the common ingredient in all of them is a clearly defined, mutually agreed-upon definition of the manager’s role.

Now, the right time to clarify the role of the campaign manager is before you hire them.

If you’ve already hired a campaign manager, and you haven’t had The Conversation about the specifics of their role (and yours), have it today. If you haven’t made a hire yet, make it part of your hiring process.
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