The Future for TV & Radio Advertising is Bright Says Egta

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More than half of CEOs and senior executives from egta members – the European organisation for television and radio sales houses – expect the TV and radio advertising segments to grow over the coming three years, with less than a quarter forecasting contraction, according to a new, high-level survey carried out by egta.

Senior decision-makers, whose companies together collect approximately €60 billion in advertising revenues, participated in egta’s survey, covering every major European market, including Ireland.

Respondents to the survey, who together represent the lion’s share of broadcast media advertising revenues in Europe, see the most promising opportunities for further enhancing their offer to consumers and advertisers as centred around two poles: new ways to deliver content to audiences and the targeting possibilities enabled by sophisticated data leveraging techniques.

In terms of content delivery, subscription and advertising-funded video on-demand (S-VOD, A-VOD) are highlighted as particularly important growth areas. With regards to advertising, addressable TV, programmatic marketing and data-driven targeting are clearly high priorities, and are likely to be key drivers of innovation among broadcasters and their sales houses.

Senior executives’ top priorities include the pressing need to develop the next generation of audience measurement techniques, as well as to adapt to competition from major digital players and changes in the ways young people consume media. With their online platforms offering advertisers 100% guaranteed brand safety, completely accountable delivery and near certain viewability and audibility, broadcasters are seeing less impact from ad fraud and ad blocking, issues that are causing massive disruption to the by-now traditional digital business of overly abundant and inadequately measured digital display and long-tail video advertising, as brands re-evaluate how to achieve maximum value and return from their investments.
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