The future of TV advertising in today’s digital world

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If you’ve followed industry chatter on the state of the TV landscape, then you’ve heard more than a few times that the TV advertising era is over. NYU professor of new media Clay Shirky called TV “dead” in Politico back in 2014, and he hasn’t been the only one. But, while many pundits proclaimed the medium’s eventual demise, something else happened: TV evolved. It advanced.

As it was when Marshall McLuhan framed it more than fifty 50 years ago, the medium is indeed the message: Television continues to play a central role in the way that we consume news and entertainment, whether the content comes from a traditional network or via a streaming service.

We still like watching TV

While viewing habits have shifted, cords have been cut and mobile phones have become first screens, we still like watching TV. We still define the content we watch as a “television program,” and we often still want to view that content on a TV set in our living room or den. (People are even still watching traditional linear TV these days.)

In many cases, the TV set is just one of many screens that we are cycling through as we participate in social media conversations about the championship game or the latest drama on “The Bachelor.” Our viewing habits have been evolving ever since cable was introduced in the 1970s, and they will no doubt continue to change. But, for now, TV in its new and advanced form remains a central part of the media ecosystem.
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