Three Everyday Examples Of How Machine Learning Has Impacted Advertising

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In most industries, reliance on data has become an outright necessity. This is especially true in advertising, where these days brands have much more information to process. More data can equate to an advantage in a competitive marketplace for consumer attention. At the same token, more data can also be overwhelming. 

Fortunately, there’s hope coming in the form of artificial intelligence (AI). Tools like machine learning can make life much easier, streamlining the process of data analysis for brands.

The State Of Machine Learning Today

Machine learning is just one of the many features falling under the artificial intelligence umbrella. Like most tools associated with AI, it’s made tremendous progress in recent years due to a handful of key factors.

The falling cost of computing power is one cause for improvement, according to research. Widespread adoption of internet-connected devices can also be credited. These two factors have arguably led the biggest players in the tech space (i.e., Amazon, Facebook, Google and others) to invest heavily in advancing artificial intelligence technology.

As a result, an AI tool like machine learning isn’t as foreign of a concept as we used to think. The average consumer is much more comfortable with the tech providing usefulness to their daily lives.
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