Gun Control Has Roots in Racism

  • February 25, 2013
  • Source: Newsmax
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A major gun-rights group says the bid to impose restrictive laws on the purchase and ownership of firearms by the Obama administration and other politicians has racist roots.

“You won't see President [Barack] Obama or his gun-grabbing cohorts admitting it, but the simple fact is that disarmament in America has historically been racially motivated,” the Second Amendment Foundation says in a new campaign.

“The first gun control laws were enacted in the antebellum South forbidding blacks, whether free or slave, to possess arms, in order to maintain blacks in their servile status.

“After the Civil War, the South continued to pass restrictive firearms laws in order to deprive the newly freed blacks from exercising their rights of citizenship.”

The Foundation notes that Martin Luther King “was blocked by segregationists when he tried to get his concealed carry permit, because they knew equal strength to defend oneself leads to societal equality.

“Sadly, gun control advocates today are de facto fighting for that same inequality.”
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