Uber Is Upping Its Ad Spend And Doubling Down On Data

Uber Is Upping Its Ad Spend And Doubling Down On Data
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Uber’s rider-focused ad spend has increased twentyfold in the last year and a half.

“The onus that puts on us to be really clever in our targeting and thoughtful is incredibly high,” said Kellyn Kenny, Uber’s VP of marketing, speaking at Tune’s Postback conference in Seattle on Thursday.

Although user acquisition is still a top priority (as of last year, the app had 40 million monthly active riders worldwide), at Uber’s scale, re-engagement drives efficiency.

“[We] need to harvest as much business from existing customers as humanly possible,” Kenny said.

Although static mobile display worked well in the past to gently remind users hovering in the high-intent category to begin a trial, “when you 20x your investment, you need to do more than nudge people to move down the funnel,” Kenny said.
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