Use Of Advanced TV Advertising Set To Rise

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Advertisers and agencies are set to increase the use of advanced linear TV advertising this year according to the Advanced TV Primer report,  which video advertising platform Videology just released.

The report found 79% of advertisers and agencies surveyed plan to use advanced linear TV over the next 12 months (defined as data-enabled or addressable TV ads). That's up from 57% who say they used advanced linear TV in the previous 12 months.

Meanwhile, traditional, linear TV advertising is on the decline, with 70% of advertisers and agencies surveyed saying they will use that legacy platform in the next 12 months, compared to 78% who say they used it over the past year.

Still, advanced TV applications have some significant headwinds, not least of which is a crowded market with dozens of distribution channels, technology firms and data providers all jockeying for space.

“Our research shows, and our experience confirms, that advertisers are extremely interested in using advanced TV ad strategies that encompass more robust first- and third-party data. That said, there is still a level of confusion in the market,” says Scott Ferber, founder and CEO of Videology. “We hope to help advertisers understand what solutions are currently available in the marketplace, including their limitations and capabilities....
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