Voting Is Changing. Are Consultants Keeping Up?

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In recent years, voters have expressed angst over a sense that their vote doesn’t count. To find better elected officials and combat voter angst, many communities have spurned the traditional voting system and embraced alternative voting methods.

The question is, are campaigns keeping up?

New voting methods require a new strategy to be gamed out before you can decide how to approach the voters. Let’s explore some of these voting systems.

Cumulative Voting

Cumulative voting is supposed to help strengthen the voting power of minority groups and increase opportunities for minority candidates. Voters can cast as many ballots as there are open seats. For example, if there are three open seats for city council, each voter can allocate three votes dividing them among multiple candidates or casting all three of their votes for one candidate. In 2020, cumulative voting will take place for the first time in Mission Viejo, Calif. The city’s sizable Latino community could cast all of their votes to help elect a Latino candidate to the city council, something that hasn’t happened since 2006.
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