What the advertising industry can learn from television's most binge-watched shows

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Can we make ad campaigns as binge-worthy as Game of Thrones or as anticipated as Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale?

Ask any digitally-savvy marketer and they’ll tell you the same old “insight”: Audience attention is at an all-time low. Content should be snackable. Commercials must make the most impact in the shortest amount of time.

Yet, conversely, streaming platforms have occupied the other end of digital media. The rise of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video shows us that when it comes to video consumption, there is a huge appetite for 10-course tasting menus.

From The Handmaid’s Tale to Game of Thrones, what makes today’s hottest shows so enticing, so tantalizing and deeply immersive, comes down to five core principles. Here’s how you can apply them to your next ad campaign.

Familiarity and the Myth of Novelty

As an industry, our biggest preconception is that the best work needs to be new and disruptive. “It’s been done before” is the death of the agency brainstorm. But do consumers really care?
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