Why Data-Driven Retailers Are Learning To Love Direct Mail

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As retailers pump more data into traditional marketing channels, they’re uncovering more about how their online and offline marketing interacts.The luggage manufacturer and retailer Tumi last year started working with PebblePost, a startup that connects website cookies to home addresses to automate retargeting via direct mail, and found 96% of the sales driven by the home mailings occurred in a Tumi store.

“That 96% rate is interesting because it demonstrates the relationship between online activity and store sales,” said digital marketing director Taryn Rayment. “It’s the first time we can effectively confirm that connection through the numbers we see from our own ad campaign.”

Confirming those cross-channel sales can be arduous.

PebblePost starts by tagging online browsers who visit a product page or abandon a shopping cart. Then it tries to connect those visitors to a home address by matching them against the client’s CRM data, PebblePost’s own database and third-party data onboarders, converting about 70% of site traffic to a postal address, according to founder and CEO Lewis Gersh.
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