Why This Executive Left Behind Advertising to Rebrand a TV Network

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Five years ago, when Carlos Schroder was named CEO of Globo, South America’s largest TV network and production company, one of his first jobs was to rethink the 50-year-old brand. He didn’t do it because the Globo brand was suffering. In fact, Globo is one of the strongest brands in Brazil. Nearly 100 million Brazilians tune in to the network every day.

“We had to work on the image,” Schroder told Adweek in his corner office at Globo’s headquarters in Rio’s lush Botanical Garden neighborhood. “We started with movement. We call it the brand in motion.”

To carry out his vision, Schroder tapped one of Brazil’s leading advertising executives, Sergio Valente, president of DDB Brazil, to run marketing and communications. After a life in advertising, Valente—who won Cannes Agency of the Year four times—was ready for a change. “Everything that I am, it’s about advertising, but advertising provided me the good weapons to do this battle now,” said Valente from his office at a separte Globo building in Leblon, not far from the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana.

Four years into the job, Valente has taken the brand-in-motion idea, and run with it. This year, Globo won a Cannes Silver Lion for the “It Starts With Respect” campaign and a project called “Powered by Respect.” More than 100 engineers and developers modified a Formula One race car that was operated by a paraplegic man’s thoughts.

“With his brain!” said the demonstrative Valente. “If he could change the limits, why can’t society change it?”
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