YouTube's Broken Targeting Tool Threatens Brand Safety

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Brand safety remains top of mind for marketers and their agency partners since the spring, when Verizon and P&G pulled their advertising on YouTube in Europe because the ads served next to questionable content.

Shortly after, brands began moving from "bulk" targeting to specific targeting. Then Google created a tool on the YouTube platform allowing advertisers to quickly find individual channels and videos based on impressions and views. But the tool broke and there is no estimated time it will be back up and running, according to Jonathan Kagan, senior director of search and biddable media at MARC USA Results: Digital.

For Kagan the tool continues to become critical because the brands he supports want to only target specific videos and channels on YouTube for brand safety uses.

He said Google confirmed that the tool is broken, without providing an estimated time to have it fixed.

Most brands target groups of viewers, but it's all about picking specific channels, he said. "You can still exclude them," he said. "You just can't find the specific channels through Google's tool on YouTube."
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