YouTube's Fastest-Growing Audience Is In the Living Room and Advertisers Want in

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There's a great migration happening among the citizens of YouTube, and it's not in the direction one might assume.

Although most digital content producers, including YouTube, are fixated on mobile phones and producing short-form shows for audiences on the go, YouTube viewers are increasingly firing up the TV set.

"Our fastest-growing area is the big screen, the TV," said Sarah Ali, head of living room products.

In 2016, viewership on TV screens grew 90% compared to 2015, according to YouTube. And in 2017, viewership on TV screens is set to rise another 90%, the company said. It would not release the number of people viewing on TV screens.

With televisions now internet-connected, app-enabled and smart-speaker assisted, it's easier to stream over-the-top -- also referred to as OTT or streaming-video -- to the larger screen, which is likely why an increasing number of YouTube's 1.5 billion viewers are channel surfing like the "old" days of TV.
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