11 Smart Ways To Adapt Marketing Campaigns This Holiday Season

  • 10/27/2020 12:00 AM
  • Source: Forbes
11 Smart Ways To Adapt Marketing Campaigns This Holiday Season
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Seasonal marketing campaigns may look a little different this year. Marketers might find that they need to modify or even totally upend commonly used tactics this holiday season to reach consumers who are in a very different mindset and facing a whole new set of circumstances.

We asked Forbes Agency Council members about the forces they foresee impacting consumer behavior this holiday season. Here are 11 of their best insights into how marketers can evolve standard seasonal marketing practices to achieve success this year.

1. Aim To Fill Gaps In Emotional And Human Connection

The obvious difference is that families won't be coming together, so that messaging has to shift and change. Zoom is one thing, but really, how do you focus on filling the gaps in emotional and human connection for your customers? Even if your product doesn’t have anything to do with connection, your brand does, and every marketer should think first about what their consumers need and build from there. - Craig Greiwe,Rogers & Cowan

2. Blend Digital And TV Experiences For Interactive Engagement

We’re in unfamiliar territory right now, but uncertainty equals opportunity. Seasonal campaigns will turn more digital and will be more interactive. Some people are spending more time on their devices, and some are spending more time watching TV. There will need to be a blend of digital and TV experiences that engage and promote seasonal offerings from brands. -Ashlee Lange, Lotus Digital

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