3 Ways Cross-Channel Marketing Can Do Better in the Next Decade

  • 05/12/2020 12:00 AM
  • Source: Ad Week
3 Ways Cross-Channel Marketing Can Do Better in the Next Decade
Email by Talha Khalil is licensed under Pixabay Pixabay
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Marketers know the true meaning of the old expression; the grass is always greener on the other side. Those with strong brick-and-mortar sales long for website customers, and those with powerful digital platforms wish for more foot traffic. Factor in a global pandemic and marketers have a lot to contend with.

Despite all of these challenges, when companies successfully market across channels the grass can be green on all sides.  A truly loyal customer shops online, in-store and everywhere in between. Unfortunately, that loyalty isn’t often rewarded with good marketing.

All too often, marketing across channels feels disjointed. A customer who has bought ten products from a brand online walks into the brick-and-mortar store and is treated like a stranger, while a loyal social media follower visits the website and feels like a newbie.

Technology and data will fix these cross-channel problems in the immediate future, especially as businesses accelerate digital transformation. Here are three reasons why:
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