4 Reasons Marketing Emails Go to Spam (And How to Fix It)

4 Reasons Marketing Emails Go to Spam (And How to Fix It)
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If you’re like other savvy business leaders, you use email marketing to stay in touch with your customers. Like many marketing strategies, a successful campaign involves carefully examining metrics that show how consumers interact with your emails. The goal is typically to get more engagement and conversions.

Out of the various metrics, you’ll see when looking over your reports, your open rate can have the biggest impact on your overall performance. If no one’s opening the emails you’re sending out, what’s the point?

Improving your open rate will result in more engagement, which means more potential sales for your small business.

The problem marketers commonly run into when they have a low open rate is their emails are landing in the recipients’ spam folder. Think about the last time you checked your spam folder for a helpful email from a business. Probably never, right? You’re not going to reach your subscribers if all of the messages are landing in spam.
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