5 Hot Online Advertising Trends in Europe

 5 Hot Online Advertising Trends in Europe
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In the first six months of 2018, businesses spent 25.7 billion euros on online advertising. If you’re running a business in Europe, these stats prove that you can’t deny the importance of having an online advertising strategy.

The following are five online advertising trends that I consider to be important, and that will hopefully inspire your next steps.


Google announced on its blog that, starting from January 2019, 12 percent of all the display ads served by the company are AMPHTML ads. These will not only be displayed on AMP pages but regular web pages as well.

According to Vamsee Jasti, product manager of the AMP Project, there are many benefits when it comes to creating AMPHTML ads. Some of the most notable ones are better ROI for advertisers and publisher revenue and providing a better user experience for website visitors.
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