5 Tips to Personalize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

5 Tips to Personalize Your Email Marketing Campaigns
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Email marketing is an online marketing tool with one of the highest returns on investment. If you want to make use of its potential, it's important to follow the latest trends. One of the current trends is personalization. Customers need to feel like they are having a conversation with another person, not a robot. Take a look at 5 tips to make your email campaigns look more natural to every customer.
1.  Carpet bombing does not work

Did you know that 84% of recipients are disappointed with impersonal emails that do not reflect their preferences? A personal approach is important, and you can take the first step to build a relationship before you even start creating email content. But first, it is vital to divide customers into segments (such as age, gender, location, or ideally even more specific ones, such as interest in a certain type of products or services).

If the customers receive a newsletter from real estate agency with an offer of properties from another city, they delete it without hesitation and unsubscribe from the emailing list. Carpet bombing just doesn't work.
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