9 Ways Advertising Can Take Advantage of Digital Growth in 2019

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We’re deep into the mechanisms of digital transformation. Retailers are gradually migrating to more automated customer experiences, there’s an app for everything and algorithms rule advertising even when it comes to the influencers who’ve most recently challenged the value proposition of traditional advertising. With AI, automation, algorithms and big tech making instrumental changes to how brands engage with consumers and employees come great power. And with great power comes even greater accountability as brands seek to innovate with impact.

Below are nine opportunities that business and brand executives should be examining more closely with 2019 right around the corner.

Gen Z will transform your organization

Looming generational changeover in the workforce will have transformative effects on entire business. Organizational leaders today have a choice: empower and enable Gen Z to make your entire business better or stifle them with the wrong roles, systems and technologies and risk becoming the next wave of corporate bureaucratic dinosaurs.

Businesses should strive toward an instantaneous review cycle to transform new employees into consultants and to feed self-directed self-improvement with strategic internal communications. Such recruitment and engagement efforts benefit not only Gen Z employees but the entire organization.
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