‘A growing ecosystem’: With new partner directory, Amazon signals maturity of its ad business

  • 08/24/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: Digiday
‘A growing ecosystem’: With new partner directory, Amazon signals maturity of its ad business
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Amazon’s advertising platform continues to grow. 

Earlier this week, Amazon Advertising released a new directory of managed-service providers and tools to help marketers in the U.S. using its ad platform. Much like the advertising duopoly of Google and Facebook before it, which both released directories of preferred service providers as their advertising businesses grew, Amazon is looking to help brands figure out who to work with to understand its ad business.  

With the creation of this directory, Amazon provides a sense of direction and simplifies the search for retailers and marketers who may need an advertising partner for its platform. At the same time, the company is signaling that its advertising business has matured and that it wants to have a bigger hand in helping retailers and marketers figure out the ecosystem around it.

Figuring out that platform — a unique combination of advertising and commerce — has become a specialty and a cottage industry of sorts. The existence of that cottage industry is nothing new, with agencies and other various service providers emerging in recent years all pitching their knowledge of the platform to clients. But now, with this directory, Amazon is giving marketers a sense of who’s who among those service providers and tools and giving a boost to agencies that it believes have provided a “high level of engagement and proficiency” with the business.

While the list in its current form may be a snapshot of the larger Amazon provider landscape, media agency sources believe it will grow and expand over time to include more providers, especially as Amazon grows its ads business from one primarily built on search to focus on advertising on FireTV, Twitch, Amazon Audio and more. It’s unclear how Amazon picked the list, what quantification may have been needed or if there are perks for being part of it, as Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.  
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