Ad Industry Interest Spikes In 'Digital Strategy,' 'Customer Journey' -- Reflects New Normal

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At a time when many marketers are trying to come to grips with the physical dislocation of consumers from their brands in the real world, interest is spiking among both brands and agencies in accessing content about “digital strategy.

“This showcases adapting to the new normal,” Michael McLaren, CEO of the B2B Group at Merkle, in analyzing the most significant findings in a unique tracking index of the content being consumed by the top 500 advertisers and the leading ad agencies.

The index, developed by Bombora for MediaPost, shows “spikes” in interests by a variety of ad industry relevant topics.

You can interact with various tabs in the index below to get your own picture, but Merkle’s McLaren says the overall picture is that, “Brands have been increasingly searching for detail on “Buyer Journey,”which has been growing since March.
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