Amazon's Push Into Adtech Signals The Break Up Of An Advertising Duopoly

  • 01/12/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: Forbes
Amazon's Push Into Adtech Signals The Break Up Of An Advertising Duopoly
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It’s a testing time to be making predictions. 2018 was – in the UK especially – a year when long-established ideas of how politics, business and society work were shaken to the core.

Yet, if you work in technology, failing to plan for what lies around the corner is tantamount to planning on failing.

At GP Bullhound, we recently announced the top ten trends and innovation that we see as shaping the technology industry over 2019 and beyond. The research is compiled through analysis of global investment data alongside the expert insights of our worldwide team, leading investors, and entrepreneurs.

What we discovered was an emerging technology landscape where monopolies are set to lose their grip as competitors – old and new – arrive at the table hungry for their piece of the action.

Take advertising-technology, for example. In its short yet illustrious lifetime it has been the reserve of Facebook and Google. Yet, in 2019 Amazon will disrupt the duopoly as it establishes itself as a primary distribution channel and, likely, outstrips Google and Facebook in terms of the conversion rates and industry innovation it offers to buyers.
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